Fugger’s open source protocol, Ripple, recently announced a new feature for XRPL: the negative Unique Node List. It enables the network to move forward despite a failure and is therefore a real “game changer”, says Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz.

About a week ago Ripples CTO, David Schwartz, an article about the benefits of XRP-Ledger had published. In it he argues that the Crypto Bank ledger offers a more cost-effective and more secure solution to the proof-of-work-based blockchains, as it is based on a network of independent validation nodes that constantly compare their transaction records.

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Now Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz has announced an additional XRPL feature, which he calls the „absolute game changer“. Each server in the XRPL has a so-called “Unique Node List” (UNL), which lists faulty validators and is also available when the validators are offline.

Negative UNL works despite failure

Thus, a special characteristic of the negative UNL of the XRP ledger consensus protocol is that it enables the network to continue to function despite a failure. In the long term, it could thus promote the sustainable maintenance of the network, according to the website. This means that the update mainly affects those validators that work incorrectly and are offline due to external circumstances. These include, for example, Internet problems, hardware repairs or hacker attacks. On XRPL.org it says like this:

The „Negative UNL“ is a list of trusted validators believed to be offline or not working. This in turn is explained by a consensus among the other validators. Validators in the „Negative UNL“ are ignored when determining whether a new ledger version has reached a consensus.

However, the negative UNL has no influence on how the network processes transactions or which transaction results are achieved.

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