• IOTA team is working on the ConflictDAG Refractor and a final MVP codebase for IOTA 2.0
• ShimmerEVM testnet was launched last week, bringing us closer to the launch of IOTA 2.0
• The IOTA research summit focused on Layer-1 developments and the release of IOTA 2.0

The Road to IOTA 2.0

The IOTA team has been pushing forward with their plans to launch IOTA 2.0 infrastructure this year, having recently launched the ShimmerEVM testnet last month which brings us closer to the launch of this new version of the platform.

ConflictDAG Refractor

Hans Moog from the IOTA developers team has been working on the ConflictDAG Refractor while adding a few test cases to check the behavior of this feature. Additionally, developer Moog worked on other minor DAG fixes which might be merged with a final MVP codebase in the coming week.

Node Startup Behaviour

Andreas and Jonas from the IOTA developer team have been looking into node start-up behaviour and whether it started from disk or not. Also, Andrea opened a new PR cleaning up some code around changes introduced by ConflictDAG.

ShimmerEVM Testnet Launch

The successful launch of ShimmerEVM will allow users to connect their SMR wallets with smart contracts running on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This testnet phase allows developers to identify any bugs or issues before moving onto mainnet launch.

Business Adoption in Billion-$-Markets

The goal for launching IOTA 2.0 is to drive business adoption in billion-$-markets and allow users access to reliable and secure transactions within these markets.

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