• Golden Inu token is currently in its 2nd round of its ICO presale and has the potential to surpass +10,000% yield.
• The reason for the sudden buyout was the ‘leak’ from the new erc-20 token’s play-to-earn game, Golden Inuverse.
• It is speculated that Golden Inu may see a +10,000% return on ICO investments within a relatively short period.

The Emergence of Golden Inu Token

New cryptocurrency, Golden Inu token, is poised for incredible +10,000% yields and could potentially challenge Shiba Inu and Dogecoin at the top of the meme coin charts. This ERC-20 token has been developed with technology that both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu lack. Its second round of its ICO presale closed last week after reaching 100% fulfillment with crypto shrimps and whales buying up 75% of remaining tokens.

The Play-To-Earn Game Behind It

The sudden influx of investors was due to an ‘leak’ from the new ERC-20 token’s play-to-earn game called ‚Golden Inuverse‘. A blog post released further details on weapons, landscapes, registration start date via their official website – goldeninuverse.com – as well as number of players allowed to join free on their roadmap blog post. This dedication to innovation in the crypto space from Golden Inu’s team sets it apart from Dogecoin and Shiba InU who have yet to deliver such products or services.

+10000% High Returns On Investments?

With these products set up as catalyst for trading volumes, branding value and equity this new P2E game may give $Golden token more utility than both Dogecoin and Shiba InU combined. As such there is speculation that GoldenInU may see a +10,000% return on ICO investments within a relatively short period even though this estimate may be too low according to some crypto traders.

What Does This Mean For Dogecoin & Shiba?

DogeCoin & SHIB tokens have sustained years at the top but without actual crypto products they cannot compete with what $GoldenInU has achieved so far despite still being in its infancy stage developmentally speaking. There are other two crypto products scheduled on their Dashboard which might increase these returns even further if successful – making it difficult for either doge or SHIB to keep up in terms of utility & value addition for investors/users if these projects come into fruition as expected by many analysts now tracking them closely with anticipation..


With this latest news about how much yield can be gained by investing in $GoldenInU token , it seems like it might be time for another major shift away from both dogecoin & shibacoin dominance over memecoins market share . With all things considered , investing in this new cryptocurrency could prove very beneficial financially .

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