• Ripple’s (XRP) price has dropped after a recent pump and retail investor attraction.
• Market analysts believe this is just a brief phase before the next bullish trend.
• Experst recommend switching to Pikamoon (PIKA) as an alternative with more potential.

Ripple (XRP) Pulls Back After Recent Pump: Is It Still Time To Buy?

Ripple’s (XRP) price recently saw a surge in response to its legal triumph over the SEC, but the pump has since lost steam and the XRP price has pulled back. Despite this, investors remain optimistic about what’s in store for Ripple, with some market analysts predicting a potential surge leading up to a strong bullish trend. However, some experts recommend considering alternatives such as Pikamoon (PIKA), which could offer better gains this year.

What Caused The Ripple (XPR) Pump?

The increased retail investor attraction that followed Ripple’s legal victory over the Securities and Exchange Commission caused XPR prices to soar. However, these gains were short-lived as the XPR price has since pulled back. Regardless, investors remain undeterred and are optimistic about what’s ahead for Ripple.

What Are The Current Predictions For XPR Prices?

Market analysts predict that while XRP currently trades close to the crucial $0.65 support level with lesser trading volume, there is potential for a comeback if certain conditions are met – although there might be a shakeout down to $0.50 beforehand.

Should Investors Consider Alternative Projects Like Pikamoon (PIKA)?

Some experts suggest switching portfolios from Ripple (XRP) to projects like Pikamoon (PIKA), which could potentially offer better rewards this year due to its advanced gaming engine and features such as boosts purchasable through PIKA tokens in their marketplace.


Although Ripple’s price pump didn’t last long, investors remain hopeful of an upcoming surge leading up to a strong bull run in the future – even though market analysts warn of possible shakeouts along the way. In addition to this, considering alternatives such as Pikamoon could also hold more potential for gains when compared with other projects like XRP

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